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01 January 2013 @ 11:48 pm
2012 Concert Surveeeeey

Top 5 shows of the year?
  1. Sandlot Heroes, We Are the In Crowd, The Wonder Years, at Yellowcard @ The Best Buy Theater - Nov. 17
  2. Vans Warped Tour @ Nassau Coliseum - Jul. 21st
  3. Creature Feature, Aesthetic Perfection, William Control, and The Birthday Massacre @ Gramercy Theater - Dec. 1
  4. Ghost Beach and Imagine Dragons @ Irving Plaza - Sept. 7
  5. Ed Sheeran @ City Winery - Sept. 21

Total number of shows?

First Show of the Year?
Emilie Autumn @ Gramercy Theater - Feb. 18

Last show of the year?
The Monkees @ The Beacon Theater - Dec. 2

Most surprising show?
Ryan Star, Daniel Powter, and Kris Allen @ Eisenhower Park - Aug. 18

Most disappointing?
Adam Pascal and Anthony Rapp @ The Highline Ballroom - Apr. 13

Farthest traveled?
Um...that's kind of hard? I didn't go too far into the city or too far on the Island.

States attended shows in?

Venue most visited?
Tie between Joe's Pub and Gramercy Theater, aka the two venues I don't like

Worst injury?
I got kicked in the face during The Wonder Years' set at Best Buy. I didn't get a bruise, but it did sting for a while

Most expensive ticket?
Warped Tour. Easily.

Band seen the most?
Jeff LeBlanc, I saw him three times. I had a ticket for a forth, but the show got canceled, and I missed a lot I wanted to go to. :c

Best new discovery?
Skinny Lister

Bands seen this year that also broke up this year?
None, thank god

Friends made at shows?
nbsp;- Met Jimmy in person at Warped
  - Met Chase before TBM and Brian and I hung out with him for a while

Band members met?
  - Yellowcard (x2)
  - Jeff LeBlanc (x2, even though I met him last year too) 
  - Ken Yates
  - Go Radio
  - Skinny Lister
  - Kris Allen
  - Ryan Star (I met him in 2011 too)
  - The lead singer of Ghost Beach
  - Imagine Dragons
  - Ed Sheeran
  - Creature Feature
  - William Control

Best souvenir from a show?
Signed setlist from Go Radio and broken and signed CD from Creature Feature

Longest time in line?
Probably Emilie Autumn because her shows always fucking start late.

Shows seen from the barricade [front row]?
I think just one time when I saw Jeff LeBlanc? I didn't want to be close during Warped or Yellowcard and everyone crowded at some of the shows. I was usually 2nd or 3rd row

Most shows in one month?

Most shows in one week?

Biggest crowd?
The Who

Smallest crowd?
Go Radio

Any drunk encounters?
No, but people were smoking weed during We Are the In Crowd and The Wonder Years. That wasn't fun.

Top 5 best 2012 concert moments:
My hug from William Control  
 - Curtis Rx's lingering touches
 - Ed Sheeran hug
 - Getting to meet Yellowcard with Lyn
 - Ryan Star calling me "awesomely cool"

Top 5 worst 2012 concert moments:
  - Almost collapsing during Yellowcard and missing one of their songs.
  - The dead floor at Go Radio
  - The food at Joe's Pub
  - Pete's Trailer's everything.
  - The terrible sound during Creature Feature's set
30 December 2011 @ 04:32 am
Stolen from onepunkymisfit
NERDGASMCollapse )
I should sleep now :c I have work in a few hours...I don't wanna go. 
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02 June 2011 @ 09:14 am
If you were a cross-breed between two animals, what animals would they be, and why?


My enemies will tremble in fear and awe.
If you woke up surrounded by doctors who told you that you'd been in a medical experiment since birth and that your entire life had been a dream, how do you think you'd react?

"Fucking knew it."
12 May 2011 @ 02:52 am
If you could have any vehicle (a helicopter, sports car, space ship, yacht, etc.) and a free place to park it, what would you choose, and why?

With the mindset of my 31-year-old cousin - a dragon. "Because no one is gonna fucking mess with you if you have a dragon."
07 May 2011 @ 12:40 pm
What's your favorite music video of all time?

Hands down.

Now I am off to enjoy free comic book day |: 
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Would you live in the perfect house or apartment rent-free if you found out a brutal murder had taken place there and it was rumored to be haunted? Why or why not?

Hell yes. 1. Free rent! 2. Haunted = AWESOME.
08 March 2011 @ 03:28 pm
Did you have a favorite toy as a child that you took with you everywhere? If so, what was it and what happened to it?

I've had this stuffed dog I call Sugar ever since I was like three. At 19, I still have her and she sleeps in my arms every night!
04 March 2011 @ 11:26 am
If you could confront the worst teacher you've ever had, what would you tell him or her?

"Go fuck yourself." 
03 March 2011 @ 10:05 am
How would you react if you found out someone plagiarized your work and published it?

Aleady ready happened. While I was handling the issue someone else stepped in and handled it.